Mr. Shehzad Feerasta


He is one of the elected Directors and is on the Board of Director of the Company since October 2014. After completing his Bachelors’ in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles in USA and a Masters in Business Administration from McMaster University in Canada, he joined the Rupali Group in March 2014. He is looking after all the plant operations and an in-depth BMR and energy conservation projects of the Company were carried out under his supervision. In-house power generation facilities were refurbished by converting gas-fired system to coal-fired for energy conservation and other workable solutions for cost cutting and improving plant efficiencies.

He is also heading the Group’s entire procurement department where he has economized purchases by taking effective cost cutting measures. Mr. Shehzad Feerasta has attended a course on Directors’ Training Program conducted by the Pakistan Institute of Corporate Governance in April 2016. He is also Director of associated companies namely Rupafil Limited and Rupali Nylon (Pvt.) Limited since October 2014.