Mr. Nooruddin Feerasta


After completion of education in Business Administration from USA, he joined Rupali Polyester Limited in 1986 and had been looking after the matters of Marketing, Finance Accounts and Production.

Presently functioning as Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of three Group Companies namely Rupali Polyester Limited, Rupafil Limited and Rupali Nylon (Pvt.) Limited. He also remained Chairman/Director of Swat HydroPower Limited since its inception in 2004 to closure of this Company in 2010. He is also director of another Group Company, Rupafil PowerGen (Pvt.) Limited. Overall 30 years experience in the field of industry’s operational activities such as marketing, finance, plant operations and corporate management. In addition to this, he has wide experience in dealing with commercial banks/DFIs.

In 1991 when the Group was granted permission for establishing a private commercial bank under the name and style of “SONERI BANK LIMITED”, he was made the Director. By the Grace of ALLAH the Bank commenced its operations from April 1992. The Bank received an overwhelming response from the public as well as the commercial sector when it offered its shares to the general public and also when it formally inaugurated its branches at Lahore and Karachi. He contributed a lot through his professional capabilities during Bank’s establishment phase.

In 1992 another project under the name “RUPAFIL LIMITED”, with an investment of Rs.2,500 million for the manufacturing of 9,800 tons of Filament Yarn and 35,000 tons of Chips annually, was set up near Sheikhupura in the Province of Punjab. This project was financed by IFC and CDC.

A large number of work force is employed on the role of above companies. Apart from his assignments for overall corporate management, the Human Resources Development area of the Group (except Soneri Bank Limited) is under his direct control and management which he is administering very effectively and prudently.